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This page is dedicated to our friends who have raised their hands and opened their kind hearts.

These people and organisations have made a big difference in so many lives for good.

We salute you and we give you the biggest, best & warmest THANK YOU that you could ever find.

Renette Bindemann

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I am a mommy of 4 beautiful lively boy-children! We live in the East rand and I homeschool them.

In 2010 God spoke to my heart and there it started. This is where i want to get involved.

In the near future I would like to provide girls aged 10-13 with a short “course” on how God the Father sees a lady! Everything from manners, ethics, make-up, how to dress, her body, pregnancy and options available when pregnant. I would also like to get more babybins out there for girls in need.

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