Can I really really change the world?

Well, it probably depends on what you see as YOUR WORLD and what you want to change about it…

In my case, being a very extreme person, my world is the whole world. If I don’t stop and sit back, it will literally never end – might not be a bad thing.

So, why am I asking this question? Because I believe that I am not the only person who thinks about this… If you too are trying to make a big difference, please let me know, perhaps we can work at this together.

Helping abandoned babies & children by collecting donations and sharing social media posts will only help to a point. Somewhere, we need to do more than just that.

So, how can I (as in little old me, okay I’m not THAT old) change the world for these babies? Can I really make a difference? What if there are 1000 other people trying to make a difference with just one small act – will that be sufficient?

The power is in numbers – the more people there are doing one small thing, the bigger the change.

This year’s goal is to get more people actively involved in raising much needed love & awareness for abandoned babies & children, including myself.

But to just treat the symptoms won’t solve the problem.

How do you change people? Do you really need to change people to change the world? No. As I said earlier, doing one small thing by a number of people is already a change. A change that will make a difference and cause ripples throughout different generations/cultures/cities and so on.

If just one mom can be enlightened about other options available to her, when facing these horrible situations, and that baby is given up for adoption rather than being left in a toilet, the change is already happening.

By just liking a post on Facebook can make a difference – because the person who posted will be encouraged to post some more – and perhaps this will lead to volunteering at a safe house making food for the staff. Who knows?

By just turning your anger towards these women into something positive by doing something about it – will make a difference. A big difference.

Donating your child’s unused clothes, toys or a small amount can make a difference. It can make the lives of the carers & babies so much easier. Instead of worrying about where the basics will come from, they can rather focus on making sure the babies are okay and happy.

A hot cup of coffee or a sweet treat can make the day of the carers just that bit better. Raising babies is not for sissies, let me tell you that. You need to be one kind super person. I barely manage with 2 and a nanny, how does one carer cope with 6 babies at one time? That’s probably on a good day.

Change starts at home. It starts with the first step. Don’t be discouraged by the size & the bad of this world – it does get pretty scary if you think about that. Look up, be brave and just make a difference. Leave a legacy. Change the course of someone else’s, as well as your own, life.

Raise your hand if you are keen on making a difference.

I am truly humbled by each person making a difference in these babies’ lives – whether it is to change a nappy or to lead a mom on a safer and better path.

Keep doing what you are doing, you are a hero to many people. You are my hero. Without you, these babies (and eventually adults), will not be where they are without you.

Let’s change the world even more. Let’s get the ugly stats of baby abandonment down. Let’s save these babies & moms… Let’s help the carers.

Let’s love one another.

So yes, I can REALLY REALLY change the world.

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