We’re open for donations…

This year, we’re doing things slightly different. We’re not setting dates for donation runs. Instead, we will be collecting & distributing donations as they come in.

We’re aiming to support many more safe houses than last year and all across South Africa.

We need all the help we can get. So, if you are willing to help behind the scenes or on the ground, please raise your hand here.

The needs basically stay the same for all the babies, children, staff & safe houses.

Here’s a run down of what you can help with:

  • Raise Awareness
    • Spread the word by sharing this article, our website, our Facebook page & posts, our Instagram page
    • Interact with & share all posts on social media regarding abandoned babies & children
    • Like & follow all safe houses on all social media platforms
    • Read up about abandoned babies & children and understand the facts that are out there
    • Talk about this with the people around you
    • There are so many ways to raise awareness, so chat to us if you have any ideas or if you need more info.
  • Make a donation
    • This can be financial, your time as a volunteer or baby/child necessities.
    • If you have a business that makes/sells baby/kiddy stuff, perhaps sponsor something
    • These are some examples of donations that we need:
      • For the staff – read this post to see why staff are listed
        • Cupcakes/Treats
        • Pamper items
        • Pretty Packaging
        • Vouchers
        • Food
        • Clothing
        • Anything they can basically use
      • For the babies/kids
        • Healthy kiddie snacks
        • Nappies – disposable/cloth
        • Formula
        • Products
        • Clothes
        • Toys
        • Blankets
        • Accessories
        • Play equipment
        • Jumble
        • Cleaning out your closet, spareroom or garage? Donate your unwanted jumble
        • Funds
          • These funds will be used to buy any of the above mentioned items which have not been donated or not enough of received
            Money can be donated via EFT – please email us for details
  • Be a drop off point
  • Collect donations from your community
  • Sort through donations
  • Deliver the donations to the selected safe houses

Much more needs to be done all around the world to combat this problem. This is happening much more than we think.

We need to get down to the source and start fixing this from there.

Watch this space throughout the year to see how you can also get involved in getting to the root of this.

Let us know if you are keen on making a donation by either emailing us on hello@fortheyllmovemountains.co.za or by commenting on this post.

In return, we’ll add you as a FTMM friend on our site (if permitted by you) and tag you/your company/organisation on social media.

Thank you so much for raising your hand to make a difference.

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