Let’s dig a little bit deeper

Okay, so we’ve done a successful donation run to 8 (1 still pending) safe houses in Gauteng, Cape Town & Durban. A lot more than I first anticipated for but so grateful.

I could not have done any of this without the help & support of my husband, my family, every person who donated and the ladies in Cape Town & Durban who gathered & dropped off donations – Dominique, Tandi-Lee & Sue.

I give you the biggest & most heartfelt thank you that you could ever find for making a massive difference in so many lives.

I would like to continue with collecting and dropping off donations at even more safe houses around South Africa, and who knows, maybe even go international – but that’s a big dream. For now, we’ll focus on what is around us.

The time has now come to dig a little bit deeper – to do more than just drop off donations or have a quick chat with the amazing ladies who take care of these precious babies.

I need to understand and find out what happens behind the scenes, what types of interaction happens with the actual community, how do the babies end up there?

Once we know what is already in place we can see where there is a gap or where more help or resources are needed.

We will be posting the information we find as articles on the page Amazing things happening around us. Hopefully this can inspire more people to raise their hands.

So before I go out and re-invent the wheel, let’s start with this and see where it leads.

Quite excited to see what is being done around us that we don’t necessarily see or hear about.

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