Can you let ANOTHER baby die? In a bread packet?

The question series “Can you let ANOTHER baby die?” is aimed at tugging at your heartstrings and to change your perception on how you see abandoned babies.

The conditions under which these babies are left to die are horrendous.

How long is it going to take for us to stop just scrolling past or brushing off news articles in which we read about small, helpless & precious babies who are left to DIE? To DIE!


A small baby who cannot do anything about his/her situation – hungry, tired, confused, scared…

So, I am asking the question…

Can you let ANOTHER baby die? Yes, ANOTHER, because this is not the first baby to die by being abandoned…

On a quick Google search (just the first page) these 2 articles are found:


Really – a bread packet? Something we use at least every day.

Just try and imagine how small that baby was… Tiny. How can a little baby like that fight for it’s life when everything is against him/her?

I get it, there’s a LOT of need in this world and this is just one cause of millions… Maybe this is not your fight/journey, but someone you know might be able to help.

Raise your hand!

P.S: The image for this post was going to be a harsh reality one, but perhaps a softer warmer image of a cute and adorable baby foot will do the trick. The image was used on the EWN article for the baby found in a plastic bread packet in Sunninghill.
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