So, where to from here?

Okay, so now that there’s a name, a Facebook page & a website – where to from here?

How do we get people who are interested, able & willing to help connected with the organisations doing the hard work as well as the women, babies & children in need without reinventing the wheel?

Somehow the critical information, like where to turn to, when you are making that difficult decision needs to get to these women so that they can turn to these established places of safety.

I’m putting together an extensive list on all of these places/people – it’s going to take time but once this list is complete (obviously the list will grow/change as needed) we can work on ways to distribute this information.
Update: A list of different organisations can be found here in the meantime

Also working on a list of what is currently being done and available by the various organisations and how we can help them. This will give a good indication on what is being done to reach out these moms in need.

Would any other social media platforms be a viable way to connect with people and not just rack up “likes” without any further action? The idea is to get people to interact on the site by reading the articles and possibly making the decision to raise their hand and help out. But on the other hand, we need as much exposure as possible and the interaction will follow.

I need to understand the needs of all the organisations out there (obviously the basic needs apply here) to really find ways how they can be helped.

I have a stash of baby stuff from the twins which need to be sorted out so that I can donate it to organisations desperately in need – however all of them are.

Definitely need to schedule some visits to a few of these wonderful places to have a real feel on what things are like – so that it is not just an idea of what it might be.

There are so many options available for women in need but are they actually being reached or perhaps how many of them get this information?

Does it make a difference to them whether or not they receive this information? Not talking about the women who use these places in these situations. But rather, does it make a difference in their decision making process?

Being overwhelmed with such a decision and then still having to find another way of giving up your baby safely and having to contact someone or physically go to a place outside of your area – is dumping a baby in a bag or dustbin not just a quick fix or act for them to forget and go on with their life? I do doubt that that is possible – to forget and move on.

Is it as simple as they just don’t know about any other options, or do they just don’t want to know? It would be so beneficial to talk to someone brave enough to educate us on what it’s really like and the factors involved.

There is so much more to this, it is only the beginning…

Already feel like you want to get involved? Raise your hand here!

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